South Fulton’s Rental Space is for Event Planners, Individuals, and Parents seeking a quality facility to use for any purpose beyond the list below.  We have a state of the art facility that can accommodate up to 250 guests. Our mission for providing this Rental Space service is motivated by our Iconic Student’s Scholarship Fund.  Whenever our facility is rented 100% of the rental fees are donated to Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center Students Scholarship Fund and Operational Budget.

Rental Space for:

Events, Birthday Parties,

Baby Shower, Television Show, Meetings,

Auditions, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars,

Practices, Casting and Filming.

Private Lessons for Dance, Music Lessons, and Vocal Classes.

Rent costumes for recitals see office.

Additional Services & Fees
• Tables and chairs can be provided upon request
• Minimum of 2 hours rental
• Deposit require of half of the rental fee
• Rental Deposit is non refundable
• Smoking and alcohol prohibited
• A Staff must be present while rental. Staff hourly rate will be added to rental fee.
• Must be 21 to rent.
• Max Occupancy is 250 Persons.
• No Pets on premises
• No underage drinking. No alcohol in the parking lot or common areas of the facility.
• Do not obstruct the fire alarm stations or the exterior fire lanes.
• Customer assumes responsibility for any damages caused to the room rented by
  event guests.
• Facility must be vacated by the end of the agreement are late fees will apply
• The Director reserves the right to deny service for any reason.
• Are there any discounts available for rental.
◦ Tayo Reed’s Performing Arts Center offers discounts to the parents of students who are enrolled.
• Can we rearrange the furniture?
◦ The hotel staff can arrange the furniture almost any way you like. We also have a
podium and some folding tables that can be used. Please inform the manager of
your desired set-up when you reserve the room so the hotel staff can have
everything ready when you arrive.
• Can I put up decorations for my event?
◦ You are welcome to put up any decorations you choose as long as they do not cause
damage to the Room and its contents. Our staff can assist with
decorations if arranged ahead of time. There may be additional cost for this service.
• Can I have a DJ or musicians at my event?
◦ Yes. Please keep the volume at a reasonable level during the event.
  We highly recommend bringing an iPod or laptop to be hooked up to our AV system for music at your event.
• Does the Room rental include free parking for my guests?
◦ There will be no charge for parking.  However, there is no overnight parking.
• Where can I get more information about planning events?
◦ Please call 770.774.4299 and ask for a manager or email us at

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